September 22, 2015 Update

The outside of the loft is now finished, the only thing remaining to do now is finish the 2 breeding sections inside.


In the new loft with the young birds, as you can see they love the manager, at times I cannot get things done as they are all over me, they literally fight over who is going to sit on my shoulders and then they will pick my ears, my hair what little I have left.

Look at this one it's a Leo Heremans, I don't use feed to entice them to sit on me, they just do it on their own.

Our breeding season is over for most of the breeders, I had a really good year breeding a lot of good pigeons, they are almost done wit the molt. Starting October 15th I will be listing pigeons for sale on ipigeon for now. If anyone is interested you can contact me with your needs.

May 5, 2015 Update

Front view of the loft, finally got the roof up 1 hour before the rain hit!!!!!!


A view from above

A inside look before the section are put up.

Another view of the inside, the centre wall is sitting at 10 Feet from the shop wall.

This is the side view

April 16, 2015 Update 2

Here you can see pigeon AU-98-229 He won 3 X First combine. The parents are CU-95-27425 The cock and CU-95-27508 The hen. BOTH Pigeons are bred by me Gus, Original JOJOS INTERNATIONAL

April 16, 2015 Update

This is an article written by JOHN VANCE, with permission to copy and post on my website 16/4/2015 I personally did not know John Vance before he wrote this article.

This is a testament on how my pigeons have performed for Fred


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