CABRIO Belg-12-6326719 Blue Checker Cock, Son of REGIBelg-11-6094027 Grand Son “DE CAPRIO” Direct Leo Heremans, CABRIO” Is  super, well built up front supple muscle, abundant feather, extremely smart pigeon. He has a rich pedigree full of Leo Heremans top pigeons. “CABRIO” His sire is  “REGI” A top racer and breeder, he won the following prizes:

6th National Ace Pigeon Young Bird LCB 2011

3rd QUIEVRAIN 1.974 Birds

4th QUIEVRAIN 3.033 Birds

7th QUIEVRAIN 1.175 Birds

Grand sire of “CABRIO” Is Belg-07-6043933 Son of “DE CAPRIO” Belg-05-6045015 He won:

1st Quievrain 1.928 Birds

1st Quievrain 1.580 Birds

1st Quievrain 1.278 Birds

Grand dam is Belg-07-6387857 Daughter of OLYMPIAD 003” and the 400 Duivin” The super breeder and sister to Eenoogske” Donker Aske” Isabella” Super brother Eenoogske” Super breeder 003”

Dam of CABRIO” Is Belg-07-6387864 Daughter of De Power” Belg-06-6410690 Brother of Jackpot”

“De Power” was mated to Belg-05-6449940 Daughter of “FIGO” and “NATALIA” De POWER” is a full brother to JACKPOT” De POWER” a super breeder for Leo Heremans.


Original Leo Heremans

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