INDIA Belg-12-6123048 Blue Bar hen. Direct daughter of SURPRISE Belg-08-6050258 Son of the “SAFIER” Pair. INDIA is a super hen, medium size, super handling, smart, this hen is about as good as it gets from Leo Heremans.   INDIA is a full sister to KLEIN BLAUW Belg-10-6146081 He won: 4 X 1st Prize.

12th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2011

1st Noyon 1.174 Birds

1st Noyon 634 Birds

1st Noyon 301 Birds

1st Noyon 243 Birds

3rd Noyon 606 Birds

5th Noyon 560 Birds

8th Noyon 1.839 Birds

9th Noyon 629 Birds

13th Noyon 590 Birds

INDIA Sire is “SURPRISE” Son “ SAFIER” Pair. He won: 3 X 1st Prize

1st Ace Pigeon Noyon in 2010

1st Noyon 1.250 Birds

1st Noyon 288 Birds

1st Noyon 61 birds

2nd Noyon 721 Birds

2nd Noyon 265 Birds

2nd Noyon 131 Birds

3rd Noyon 240 Birds

5th Noyon 873 Birds

INDIA Her dam is Belg-06-6405134 A full sister to “NATALIA” Direct of the “FAVORIET PAIR”


1st Ace Pigeon Big Middle Distance KBDB in 2005

6th Bourges 14.207 Birds

25th Vie, 14.073 Birds

Brother to “NATALIA” is “DE LIMOGES” Belg-05-269 He won

29th Limoges 15.507 Birds

Original Leo Heremans

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