2014 A new era has started, I will be adding new results achieved by my pigeons that were raced by ROOFER LOFT” From 2004 to 2014 and other fanciers that have submitted their results.


“Mr. MONEY MAKER” AU-08-BCC-846 Blue Bar Cock, Bred by me and raced by PET SHOP”Anthony, Long Island N.Y. Raced as a Young Bird he won:


2nd VIOLA 3 Bird Derby 300 miles 95 Birds 32 Lofts, Arriving with his mate. = 1st 


10th @ 150 Miles 1.775 Birds Combine. 125 Lofts


12th @150 Miles 2.475 Birds Combine. 154 Lofts


16th @ 100 Miles 1.989 Birds Combine. 130 Lofts


72nd @100 Miles 0000 Birds Combine.  000 Lofts (Missing info)


80th @250 Miles 1.957 Birds Combine. 140 Lofts




Below are results achieved by Fred Breezy 2004 to 2010 Racing my pigeons against the LARGEST COMBINE IN THE U.S.A.


1st 500 Mile King Of The East Coast by 16 minutes (ONLY 7 DAY BIRDS).
Hoboken 500 mile one bird derby by 6+ minutes.
1st 2nd at the 500 mile Tri state Futurity.


1st Elizabeth 500 Mile Futurity by 8+ minutes.
400 Mile Tri State Futurity by 19 minutes.
400 mile Tri State Special.
500 Mile Elizabeth One Bird Derby by 8+ minutes.
500 Mile Tri State Special by 10+ minutes.
Central Jersey Combine vs. 3247 birds.
1st 500 Mile Hoboken One Bird Derby by 6+ minutes in front.




1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th  Central Jersey Combine 3694 birds and 222 lofts
Central Jersey Combine 3711 birds and 236 lofts
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Central Jersey Combine 2560 birds and 179 lofts


Email from Mon, 22 Oct 2007:
Subject: Boston 305-AU-07 Sire is JoJo 0123-04 & dam is JoJo 0122-04
Boston 305 flew Boston Concourse 165miles lion N.Y. for us was 3rd
3 birds on drop 98 lofts 1142 birds. Thanks for the good birds. Hope all is well?
Paul & Scott Hillside Lofts"


1st 2nd 3rd Central Jersey Combine 3.685 Birds
1st 2nd
Central Jersey Combine 3.013 Birds
3rd 4th 5th
Central Jersey Combine 3.136 Birds
15th 16th 24th
Central Jersey Combine   3.188 Birds   

Three wins in Hawaii for George Mc Cumber
Five wins in California for Atomic Nut Loft . Including 2 brothers 1st and 2nd
twice and a 500 mile winner (45 min. ahead) with only 2 day birds.


2005 Race Results
1st Central Jersey Combine 225 lofts  200 miles 3108 birds
1st -16th 20th
Central Jersey Combine 196 lofts 200 miles 2940 birds
Ohio – Penn Federation 130 lofts 386 miles 1654 birds (Dam was a JoJos)
3rd East Coast Challenge One Loft Race 350 miles


2004 Race Results
2nd , 5th , 41st and 49th Central Jersey Combine 3209 birds
club race 107 birds
George Crum Futurity race 42 lofts 250 miles 282 birds only entered 3 birds
and 10th QCM Futurity 51 lofts 200 miles 371 birds
6th Garden State Open 72 lofts 325 miles 935 birds


10th Pennsylvania Combine 45 lofts 222 miles 577 birds
16th , 17th and 18th
Pennsylvania Combine 48 lofts 119 miles 804 birds
18th and 19th
Pennsylvania Combine 57 lofts 119 miles 956 birds
Pennsylvania Combine 44 lofts 170 miles 648 birds
7th and 8th
Pennsylvania Combine 52 lofts 170 miles 758 birds
4th Pennsylvania Combine 35 lofts 222 miles 381 birds


Barbie and Bardy Loft won Suburban Combine average speed


2002 Central Jersey Combine
1st 218 lofts 256 miles 2,569 birds
231 lofts 242 miles 2,841 birds
231 loft 231 miles 2.841 birds
2nd 3rd 250 miles 2,168 birds 188 lofts


2002 Toronto Association
1st 2nd 3rd 08/03 135 Miles 268 birds
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 9th 10th 12th 15th
08/10 135 Miles 305 birds
3rd 4th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 14th
08/17 181 Miles 227 birds
5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 12th
08/24 194 Miles 264 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 9th 10th
08/31 294 Miles 224 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
09/07 293 Miles 158 birds
09/14 284 Miles 96 birds
1st 3rd 7th 8th 10th 11th
09/21 339 Miles 133 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th08/03 140 Miles 191 birds
2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th
08/17 158 Miles 158 birds
1st 2nd 4th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 12th 13th
08/24 179 Miles 175 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 9th 10th
08/31 193 Miles 192 birds
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 8th 10th
09/07 179 Miles 194 birds
1st 2nd 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
09/14 193 Miles 50 birds
1st 2nd
326 Miles 59 Lofts, 585 birds.
1st 2002 Average Speed Canada's Largest Combine


2001 Mixed Races
Thunder Bay. One Loft Race,
1st 310 Miles
A.U. Convention Race Tampa, Florida and 10th 1673 birds 315 miles 104 lofts.
Las Vegas.com One Loft Race
South Florida Combine 1062 birds 150 miles
1st 3rd 5th
2002 Ace-Pigeons in Canada's Largest Combine
Brooklyn Concourse 791 birds 170 miles
2nd Central Jersey Combine equal 1st
2794 birds 200 miles
2nd 5th
Gulf Coast Classic Florida 1801 birds 315 miles,
Frank Viola Race 350 miles 2000
7th Frank Viola Race 350 miles


Pre 2000
1st Central Jersey Combine 250 miles 405 lofts and 4,755 birds.
Central Jersey Combine 150 miles 307 lofts and 4,805 birds.
Central Jersey Combine 300 miles 349 lofts and 4,323 birds.
Central Jersey Combine 200 miles 316 lofts and 3,938 birds.
Central Jersey Combine 150 miles 316 lofts and 3,812 birds.
Central Jersey Combine 100 miles 321 lofts and 4,086 birds.
Central Jersey Combine young bird average speed.
Central Jersey Combine Hall of Fame winner young bird.
1st - 6th
- 10th Central Jersey Combine 4,755 birds 405 lofts 250 miles
Central Jersey Combine 3,983 birds 200 miles
Central Jersey Combine 3,812 birds 150 miles
1st - 4th
- 10th George Crum Memorial 1997 New Jersey 375 birds 55 lofts
1st - 5th
Up North Combine 819 birds 61 lofts 250 Miles
Up North Combine 1,227 birds 76 lofts 267 Miles
Up North Combine 1,517 birds 97 lofts 211 Miles
1st - 2nd
North East Union 200 miles 4,357 birds
Brooklyn Concourse 150 miles 1,930 birds
Brooklyn Concourse 150 miles 893 birds
Brooklyn Concourse 100 miles 1,119 birds
Northern Long Island R.P.C. 177 birds 15 lofts
2001 A.U. Convention Race, Tampa, Florida and 10th 1,673 birds 104 lofts 315 miles
2001 Las Vegas.com One Loft Race
2001 Brooklyn Concourse, New York 791 birds 170 miles Stover Loft
1st and 2nd
South Florida Combine 1,062 birds 150 miles
1st - 3rd - 4th 8th
Up North Combine 186 Miles 677 birds Toronto, Canada
Paterson Air Derby 370 miles 90 lofts and 463 birds.
Long Island Combine with 96-SM-1886.
Boston Concourse 300 miles 145 lofts and 1,699 birds.
Best Young Bird Toronto Combine.
Best Young Bird Up North Combine.
Ace Young Bird Loft Calgary RPC.
Ace Old Bird Loft Calgary RPC.
Old Bird Average Speed.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th
Ace Young Bird.
Young Bird Average Speed Central Ontario Federation South.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th
100 Miles 29 lofts and 991 birds Central Ont. Fed.
1st -4th -5th -6th -8th
321 Miles Central Ontario Fed.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th
100 Miles 325 birds Club.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th
100 Miles 461 birds Club.
5 times Central Ontario Federation North Section.
Canadian Classic Young Birds 1995 300 miles, 91 lofts and 781 birds.
300 miles Club Auction Race 1996.
2 times in young birds 1996.
14 times our pigeons won for "Roofer Loft" - In 1995-1996 young bird seasons.
4 times our stock bred for Bob Matuszewski.- 1996 young bird season New Jersey.
Paterson Sprint Futurity 250 miles 63 lofts and503 birds.- Jimmy "The Greek".
George Crum Memorial 55 lofts and 375 birds - Jimmy "The Greek"
Kawartha North Combine 40 lofts and 871 birds - Conrad Rees, Ont. Canada.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th -8th -9th -10th-11th-12th-13th-14th -16th -17th -18th -19th
-20th 100 miles Buffalo Homing Pigeon Association 26 lofts and 597 birds- Mike Bator.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th
250 miles Buffalo H.P Association 572 birds- Mike Bator.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th -9th
Calgary R.P.C. 23 lofts and 350 birds - Bob Duhra.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th Calgary R.P.C. Olympic Race 35 lofts and 147 birds - Bob Duhra. 2nd
place pigeon bred by "JOJOS" Int.
1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th
Buffalo H.P. Association 170 birds 200 miles - Mike Bator.
Paterson Sprint Futurity 1996 Young Birds. - Olympia Loft Jim "The Greek" Tzovolos
2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th Calgary R.P.C Olympics Race 35 lofts and 170 birds - Bob Duhra. 2nd -3rd -6th -9th -10th-17th
place birds bred by "JOJOS" Int.
2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th -8th -9th
-10th-11th-12th Buffalo H.P. Association 29 lofts and 704 birds - Mike Bator.
-10th Buffalo H.P Association 400 miles - Mike Bator.
Canadian Triple Crown - Mike Bator. Equal First Bay Area Classic California - Mike Bator son of "Electric".
2nd - 3rd - 4th - 4th - 5th - 9th
- 10th North East Union 150 miles 6,313 birds 483 lofts
2nd - 3rd
Brooklyn Concourse 250 miles 286 birds
2nd - 3rd
Brooklyn Concourse 270 miles 440 birds
2nd and 5th
Gulf Coast Classic Florida 1,810 birds 106 lofts 06 seconds to win and 34 seconds
2nd equal 1st
Central Jersey Combine 2,794 birds 200 milesU.S.A. Largest Combine Copper Beech Loft
Best Young bird Toronto Combine.- Ray Crawford 1996.
Best Young bird Up North Combine.- Ray Crawford 1996 Toronto Ontario Canada.
Brooklyn Concourse 200miles 1,001 birds
Brooklyn Concourse 100 miles 659 birds
Brooklyn Concourse 200 miles 2,940 birds
Suffolk Nassau Combine 125 miles 106 lofts 1,317 birds
Central Jersey Combine 4,086 birds 321 lofts 100 miles
Central Jersey Combine 2,569 birds 250 miles
2000 Frank Viola Race, New York 370 miles
Paterson Sprint Futurity 1995 Young Birds.- Olympia Loft Jim "The Greek" Tzovolos.
4th -5th -6th -8th
Calgary R.P.C. 24 lofts and 445 birds.- Bob Duhra
- 10th 1997 QCM Futurity New Jersey 200 miles 374 birds 55 lofts
Paterson Air Derby 353 miles, 90 lofts and 463 birds.- Ron Davis New Jersey 1996.
5th -6th -7th -8th Calgary R.P.C. Olympic Race 35 lofts and 162 birds - Bob Duhra. 8th
place pigeon bred by "JOJOS" Int.
Central Jersey Combine 150 miles 3,279 birds
P.A.O.F. Band Race 741 birds 122 lofts 300 miles
Suffolk Nassau and Long Island Combine 175 miles 2,940 birds 242 lofts
2001 Frank Viola Race, New York 370 miles
Central Jersey combine 250 miles 3,041 birds
Central Jersey combine 400 miles 2,094 birds
Central Jersey combine 125 miles 4,565 birds
Central Jersey combine 2,198 birds 400 miles
New England Open 342 miles, 331 lofts and 3,876 birds.- Young birds 1996 by Paul & Scott Malboeuf Fitchburg, Mass.
Central Jersey combine 200 miles 3,933 birds
Central Jersey combine 160 miles 4,325 birds
9th Central Jersey combine 400 miles 2,273 birds




Average Speed in Toronto Association 2002 Young Birds



F. Pellicore


R. Crawford


Ryding View Loft


Average Speed Toronto Association Short Program



R. Crawford


F. Pellicore






F. Pellicore wins in the Up North Combine





471 km

804 birds



Bred by Jojos Int.




Up North Combine


2002 Young Birds


Champion Bird




R. Crawford


Granddaughter "Suzy Q"




R. Crawford


Grandson "Jonge Countess"




Ryding View Loft



F. Pellicore


Grandson "De NL" and "Casablanca"



Champion Loft



Ryding View Loft


R. Crawford


F. Pellicore


Combined Average Speed - Old and Young Birds



F. Pellicore


Ryding View Loft


Young Bird Champions - Short Program Average Speed



R. Crawford


F. Pellicore


Ryding View Loft


Champion Bird



R. Crawford



P. Tsiampas

CU-02-276 Bred by Jojos Int.


Ryding View Loft



F. Pellicore

CU-02-14408 Bred by Jojos Int.


Champion Loft



R. Crawford


P. Tsiampas


F. Pellicore


Ryding View Loft








Once again, "Jojos" racing pigeons have outperformed all others in major competition. A few recent race results with our Janssens.




I could take pages full of winners in club and combine levels. Our pigeons win where ever they go, from Australia-Taiwan-Holland-Germany-UK-USA-Canada. No mater what the terrain is flat-hilly-mountains-desert, you name it. If it's short to middle distance pigeons you are after, you will NOT find any better in the world.


Fran Pellicore first year flying our birds 2001 Young Birds wins


1st 300 km 132 birds Toronto Association R.P.C. CU-01-22923        Bred by Jojos


4th 300 km 712 birds Up North Combine


1st 300 km 160 birds Toronto Association R.P.C. CU-01-22923        Bred by Jojos


10th 300 km 559 birds Up North Combine


9th 550 km 773 birds Oshawa Gold BandCU-01-22923 Bred by Jojos


3rd 300 km 160 birds Toronto Association CU-01-225 Bred by Jojos


6th 500 km 261 birds Toronto Association CU-01-220 Bred by Jojos


2nd equal 1st 500 km 210 birds Toronto association CU-01-209 Bred by Jojos


3rd equal 1st 500 km 210 birds Toronto association CU-01-208 Bred by Jojos


6th 500 km 210 birds Toronto Association CU-36315 Bred by Jojos


6th 300 km 116 birds Toronto Association CU-01-218 Bred by Jojos


13th 500 km 1,000 birds   Up North Combine CU-01-209 Bred by Jojos


3rd 500 km 684 birds Canadian Classic Open CU-01-220 Bred by Jojos


11th 225km 1,740 birds Up North Combine CU-01-205 Bred by Jojos                         


5th Champion Loft Up North Combine 2001 Y.B.'s


6th 500 km 684 birds Canadian Classic Open CU-01-225 Bred by Jojos


3rd Canadian Classic 2001 young bird Bred by Jojos


6th500 km 684 birds8th


Ryding View Loft "A.K.A" Angelo Benedetti of Toronto won in 2001 Old Bird Season


10x first out of 11 races in the club


1st Gold Band Race


1st Yearling Race


1st Short Average Speed               Up North Combine


1st Long Average Speed Up North Combine


1st Overall Average Speed Up North Combine


2x first in 2001 Young Birds Series Up North Combine Canada's Largest Comb.


Ray Crawford of Toronto Canada won in 2001 Old Bird Season


6x first in the Club


5th Short Average Speed               Up North Combine


2nd Long Average Speed Up North Combine


2nd Overall Average Speed Up North Combine


1st Yearling Race


1st - 2nd Challenge Cup Race 610 km shipped 2 birds


1st 225 km 939 birds Up North Combine son of "De NL" hen


1st - 2nd 225 km 460 birds Up North Combine


in Young Birds he won


1st 225 km 387 birds Toronto Association R.P.C.


1st 300 km 392 birds Toronto        Association R.P.C.


Up North Combine, Canada's largest combine was DOMINATED by fancier flying "Jojos International Racing Pigeons.


2nd 200km 1,151 birds 68 lofts


1st 5th J&D Ottaway 2nd Ray Crawford400 km 819 birds 61 lofts


2nd 4th 300km531 birds 35 lofts


Paul's Loft” Perth Amboy, New Jersey won in 1999


1st Central Jersey Comb. 237 lofts 300 miles 2820 birds


Bob Matuszewski Sayreville, New Jersey won in 1999


1st Perth Amboy R.P.C. 100 miles 326 birds IF-98-0007


1st Independent Comb. West32 lofts 566 birds


1st M.R.C. Club 300 miles 87 birds IF-99-540


1st Perth Amboy R.P.C. 100 miles 189 birds IF-99-4132


2nd Independent Combine West               495 birds


1st New Jersey- New York Fed.89 lofts 1420 birds


1st M.R.C. Club miles 125 birds IF-99-535


Art Mclean Nobleford, Alberta Canada


New Flyer we started him off with 3 pairs of Janssens in fall of 1996


1st 2 times he won in 1997


1st Champion Loft Young Birds 1997


1998 Old Birds


1st-2nd -3rd -4th -5th 150km210 birds


1st-2nd250 km143 birds


1st-2nd370km 174 birds


1st-2nd -3rd -4th150km127 birds


1st-2nd770km 76 birds


1st-2nd -3rd  370km68 birds


1st-2nd  715 km Grand Prarie Derby


1st 715km 59 birds


1st Overall Champion Loft 614 points


1998 Young Birds


1st-2-3-4-5-6 370km105 birds


1st-2-3-4-5-6 260 km106 birds


1st370km97 birds


1stEdmonton Derby 25 birds


1st Overall Champion Loft344 points


Mr. Charlie Psaros of Port Charlotte, Florida


Has won 3 races in the City of Palms R.P.C. in 1999


1st-2nd -3rd250 miles12 lofts30 birds2 minutes 25 seconds out in front


1st-2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th250 miles in Young Bird Race


1st "A" Race 100 miles 5 lofts 63 birds Old Birds


Gordon Chalmers DVM of Lethbridge, Alberta


bought 1 pair of Janssens in 1998.They bred him in 1999 his best Young Bird 2nd Best Overall in the club.




Mike Musset of Australia wins in 2001 Old Birds


1st 350 miles 8,400 birds 100% "Jojos" blood of "De Bull"


Conrad Rees Toronto, Canada won in 1999


1stKawartha North Shore Combine 37 lofts 750km 446 birds




Kevin & Tim Williams (Never Happen & Tim) Loft Braintree, MA


CU-99-39995 bred by "Jojos International won in 1999


1st 1999 Joe Martone Memorial Auction Race300 miles 336 birds 87 lofts


3rd Boston Concourse125 miles126 lofts 1,719 birds Equal 1st


13th New England Open 300 miles129 lofts 1,423 birds




Pete Sloan (Sloan Lofts) Woodstock, Ontario


Granddaughter "Raket" Sister to DeBULL” Bred CU-99-30628 she won:


6th Combine1,006 birds


15th Combine990 birds


1st Equal 300 miles Breeder Cup 490 birds


8thTony Macedo Open 300 miles 500 birds


20thGuelph Open 350 miles500 birds


17th Dave Sloan Memorial 300 miles130 birds


21st Combine 200 miles900 birds


Canadian Award of Excellence 228 points


John J. Baginski (Crown Loft) Bayonne, New Jersey


1stPlace Futurity I.D.F. Race in 1997


3rd Place P.V.M. Band Race in 199817 day birds only


Jimmy the Greek Neshanic Station, New Jersey


1st Paterson Sprint Winner 1998 Sire was "Adrenaline"Cock CU-96-25190


1st 250 miles 4th Central Jersey Combine 2,569 birds


1st 500 miles 8th Central Jersey Combine 2,198 birds


1st 250 miles 8th Central Jersey Combine 3,041 birds


1st 300 miles T.C.P.C. Club


1stChampion Bird Central Jersey Combine Old Birds


Roofer Loft Brooklyn, New York


CU-99-39935 bred by "Jojos"


2nd Club Carsisle 135 birds


3rd Club Fogersville 130 birds


3rd Club Sumerset89 birds


CU-99-39949 bred by "Jojos International


2nd Club Fogersville 118 birds




Dave BoothLefroy, Ontario Canada


Won with CU-99-1190 "Inxcess" hen granddaughter. "SuzyQ"


1stCombine 68 lofts947 birds400km 1st Club


3rdCannington 3 bird 40 lofts 120 birds


16th Combine 97 lofts1,517 birds 350km 3rd Club


17th Combine 67 lofts 958 birds 500 km 1st Club


J&D Ottawa won in 1999 Old Birds from our stock 2-3-4-5-7 300km 1,321 birds 77 lofts


1st -2nd -3rd -4th -9th -10th -11th -13th -14th 400 km 1,227 birds 76 lofts


4th Ray Crawford - 7thJ&D Ottaway 600km (400)Miles 1,024 birds 71 lofts


6th- 9th -13th 400km 985 birds 66 lofts


6th-7th-9th-11th250km 1,382 birds 78 lofts


1999 Old Bird 1stAverage Speed Regular Races            


1st Loft Points Champion


Up North Combine Derby 500km Young Birds 41 lofts 371 birds


4thJ&D Ottaway 6th Paul Tsiampas 7thJ&D 8th Tsiampas 10th J&D


1999 Y.B.'s 500km 947 birds 68 lofts


1st Dave Booth - 3rd J&D Ottaway


1999 Y.B.'s 400km 1,517 birds 97 lofts


1st J&D Ottaway


1999 Y.B.'s 300km 1,511 birds 98 lofts


3rd J&D Ottaway


Paul Tsiampas Toronto, Ontario Canada


Flying 99% our Janssens & Van Loons in 1999 won


1st Fraserdale "Young Bird Spectacular" 700km (450) Miles3.49 minutes in front


1st Three Way Race 1999 Young Bird


1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th Young Birds 218km 95 birds


1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th – 6th -7th -8th -9th -10th -11th -12th -13th -14th 326 birds club


1st -2nd -3rd -4th -5th -6th -7th -8th -9th -10th -20th -21st -22nd -24th-26th337 birds club6th - 13th - 17th 339 birds club


Guelph Racing Pigeon Club Band Race 430km 402 birds 51 lofts


2nd -3rd -6th -12th -13th -15th - 24th - 26th - 40th - 41st


Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Race 1999


2nd by a second


Up North Combine Englehart Derby 500km 371 birds 41 lofts




Oshawa Gold Band 1999 554km (325) Miles 1,008 birds100 lofts




Hamilton Englehart Classic Section 1




Guelph Open Young Birds 1999 458 birds 61 lofts




G x J. Bertinato Ottawa, Ontario Canada out of


1 pair of "Jojos" Janssens he has bred 6 winners


1st800km (500) Miles 22 lofts 279 birdsCU- 96-0553


1st271km 43 lofts 1077 birds CU- 97-609


1st150km 39 lofts 818 birds CU- 94-10292


1st500km (300) Miles 39 lofts 569 birds CU- 94-10291


2nd 332km 37 lofts 774 birds CU- 96-006


Ed Stanislawczyk Jamesburg, New Jersey won in 1999


1st Club 11th Central Jersey Combine 300 miles 218 lofts 2517 birds


1997 Thunder Bay One Loft Race


1st Shilo Loft 15 minutes out in front of 2nd place bird CU-97-23843 was bred by Walter Kubiac


1998 Las Vegas One Loft Race 300 miles


We bred 3 birds that finished equal first


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