What every fancier is looking for: Speed - Stamina - Beauty and Brains.

The Wout Smeulders Jannssens have offered all the above for 40 + years and are still producing big time winners to this day.

Top fanciers' best kept secret...   Wout Smeulders Janssens.

Wout,  being an Olympiad judge,  knew what to look for and knew how to breed. Over the years he blended top Janssen pigeons, until his passing in 1991.

after acquiring his Janssen’s in 1991 and bringing them to Canada,  hundreds of lofts rose to the top,  producing thousands of winners from club level to combine;  to A.U. and I.F. convention winners,  one loft,  futurity winners and overall ace pigeons.

To this day fanciers in Holland still rely on the Janssen family, which the late Wout Smeulders created years ago.

I took the Wout Smeulders Janssen’s and continued the family, propelling it forward into the 21st century, which is exactly what Wout Smeulders wanted me to do.

After many visits, he and I developed a close relationship.  He confided his breeding strategies to me, only because I demonstrated to him that I knew what I was looking for and I knew how to move forward with his life creation.  He told his wife should anything happen to him, that I should be contacted first and offered his Janssen family. That meant allot to me, and I was proud to be his first choice.

Wout dealt with hundreds of fanciers, two very well-known names: Ponderosa, (the family of Hans Eijerkamp), and Burtie Camphuis. Both received notoriety and success to this day with Wout's Janssens. The Smeulders Janssens are treasured like gold in Holland. They founded many top lofts, with some wise men not divulging which Janssens they had.  Some even eliminated the name Wout Smeulders from their pedigrees, calling them Arendonk or De klak.

since 1999,  I continued to blend this family of wout smeulders Janssen’s forward,  producing thousands of winners for fanciers in Europe,  Taiwan,  China,  Australia, UK,  Poland,  Canada and U.S.A.

Presently, they are still the pigeons to beat on race day ...  just ask Marcel Sangers.  His loft is founded on Bertie Camphuis Janssens. Bertie Camphuis got all his best pigeons from Wout Smeulders.  (Ex:  Wonderboys '05 and '06.)   The sire was the red cock -- a son of the world famous Smeulders 531 -- winner of 15x first and a super breeder.

The James Bond line at Eijercamps ponderosa -- James Bond -- was bred from a                           son off the super 531 of Wout Smeulders.

Alwin Petrie got a super star when he acquired a grandson of the “Terminator.” he bred Mr. bond who won 1st. Bourges n.p.o. 10.221 birds- 1st. Chantilly 4.621 birds 1st. duffel 1.964 birds.  Another granddaughter of the “Terminator” bred the 1st. ace pigeon of Holland W.H.Z.B. middle distance in 1997, then purchased by Mike Ganus, U.S.A.

I have never looked back -- always forward -- as to how I can improve this family.  Ask anyone who has owned my birds...  "How have they performed?"  99% will tell you that they are the very best.

Absolutely no flash in the pan here... generations of winners... a true family that you can depend on to win from 100 miles to 400 miles.

In 2003 I sold my stock birds and name to Fred breezy. I told him, "You have no idea what you're getting." Immediately he was winning, with the pigeons topping the Central Jersey Combine, winning from 100 miles to 500 miles!   So much for the theory that my Janssens cannot win at the 500 miles. Fanciers who bought birds from him were winning as far away as Hawaii. Fred did me proud, introducing the birds to many fanciers who didn’t already own my Janssens.

Over the years I developed a close relationship with the father and son team, Joe Famularo and Joey Famularo (Roofer loft) now residing in Florida.  I had over 100 birds sitting there from all my best.  I continued to cultivate the family mating and selecting, while the Famularo’s raced them, dominating the Broward County racing pigeon club.  I also acquired some of my birds back from the late ray Crawford and different fanciers including Bob Duhra who had an extensive collection of my birds.

My Janssen are closely related and they are a true family. Keeping this family going takes a lot of selection with a close eye to perfection. Over the years I have eliminated imperfections and solely concentrated on the absolute very best reproductive lines. When they fly, you will see vapour trails in the sky, jokingly, I say you can cross them with chickens and they will still win.

If you are looking for a winning family, with dominating pre-potent producing blood lines, years of cultivation in producing foundation quality breeders and above all, winners against massive amount of birds, you have it all in the “JOJO JANSSENS.”

2014... I have come full circle, reacquiring my company name and website...     


you will see some new additions... still expect nothing but quality from us.


 I’m strict in my breeding program.   no second guess and no second chance.

what I send out is the best that I have.  My reputation is far-reaching and more important than your $$.  

I enjoy nothing more than producing your future winners.


Foundation quality is a prerequisite at JOJOS INTERNATIONAL.

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