WALTER CU-06-29192 Blue Checker Cock , a perfect handling pigeon, he has extremely soft feathers and is full of intelligence. This is my old line of W. Smeulders Janssens that I worked hard to maintain. “WALTER” is as good as they get. Before I got him he bred winners for G. Whale and W. Beelik in Canada 2 different lofts. Offspring of “WALTER” Have won the following prizes.

CU-13-10220 direct daughter won:

5th Oshawa Gold Band Race 792 Birds 505Km. (300Miles)

3rd = 1st 800 Birds 235M. 2 seconds to win.

CU-13-10214 direct son won:

4th = 1st 800 Birds 235M. 4 seconds to win

CU-10-719 Grand son

1st Ace Pigeon U.N.C. Young Birds 2010, Canada’s largest combine

8th @ 250Miles 1.137 Birds

8th @ 100Miles 945 Birds

25th @ 275Miles 626 Birds

37th @ 300Miles 977 Birds

48th @ 100Miles 967 Birds

CU-10-720 Grandson he won:

9th @ 100Miles 945 Birds

14th @ 275Miles 626 Birds


Sire of WALTERIs CU-01-182 Blue Checker. Son of CU-96-25522 A super breeder Sire to 5th Ace Pigeon in 2006 also

1st  @ 300 Miles 15 minutes in front

1st  @ 400 Miles 45 minutes in front, for Bob Duhra

CU-96-25522 is a direct son to my super breeder “SUZY Q” CU-89-1653 Dam of CU-01-182 is CU-95-31703 a direct daughter of “SUZY Q”, 31703 was a super breeder also grand dam of the 1st Ace Pigeon in Canada Young Birds 2006.

Dam of WALTER” Is CU-04-464 Blue Checker, she is bred from CU-97-27775 a direct son of “LIGHTNING” CU-93-3160 A half-brother to “SUZY Q”, CU-04-464 I picked out at the loft of Benedetti and Crawford from 70+ Pigeons she stood out like a sore thumb, I then bred her in Florida, one of her daughters won 2 X 1st from 600+ pigeons another bred 3 First place winners. Dam of 464 is CU-03-4161 Inbred to my great “LIMITED X De Gouden Crack” Limited was the only son in North America from “De 25” of Brother Borgmans, De Gouden Crack was 2nd National Ace Pigeon of Holland, Nest sister to Cambell’s De Gouden 14”

CU-97-27775 He bred CU-02-12868 he was raced by Bob Duhra he won: 36 Prizes

1st @ 500 Miles 17 Hrs. on the wing and only day bird!!

2nd @ 500 Miles

1st = @ 100 Miles

1st = @ 150 Miles

1st = @ 150 Miles

1st = @ 200 Miles

2nd @ 200 Miles

6th  @ 500 Miles

9th  @ 500 Miles With an average of 600 Birds per race

“Lightning” was sire to the Patterson Air Derby Winner @ 370Miles for Roofer Loft.

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