O.M.G. Hen


O.M.G.” CU-07-227 Blue Bar Hen, the most perfect hen in every way possible, outstanding pedigree, violet eye, body confirmation, performance, feather you name it she has it all. This is what the world famous Wout Smeulders Janssen’s stood for. You simply cannot get better than this. “O.M.G.” A super hen a full sister to over 14 different winners! She inbred to one of my best greatest hens ever “SUZY Q”.

Sire of O.M.G.” is CU-03-3363 Blue Bar cock. He bred

1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds C.R.P.U. 2006

8 Different winners in Club

3 Different Combine winners

CU-02-3363 Sire is CU-95-30269 A direct son of “De Balloon” NL-90-1171493 The only son in North America from the great “Blauw Witpen Klak” Hen, grand daughter of the old “Merckx” of 1967 Janssen Brothers. She was the foundation hen for Borgmans. Dam of 3363” is none other than CU-95-31703 The direct daughter of “SUZY Q” My super breeder.

Dam of “O.M.G.” is CU-06-195 Blue Bar Hen. She was super breeder, she bred

1st @ 400Miles

1st @ 500Mile open winner in 2008

1st @ 300Miles

Her sire is down from Wout Smeulders famous breeder “637” and Champion 02” Her mother is CU-96-8196 Inbred “SUZY Q” and she has bred over 10 X 1st Place winners.

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