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Supreme Jackpot
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SUPREME JACKPOT NL-12-1229887 Blue Bar Slate, grandson of JACKPOT”. “SUPREME JACKPOT” Is an extremely strong pigeon, his built rock solid, he has brilliant rich red eyes just like his grandfather JACKPOT” A calm and collective pigeon with super wrap around muscles, he is built for pure speed, an exceptional Leo Heremans pigeon. “SUPREME JACKPOT Is brother to super racers. 50% Leo Heremans 50% Maurice Hasendonckx.


Sire is Mr. JACKPOT” NL-06-1761568. Blue Bar an original Leo Heremans. He was purchased as egg from Leo Heremans. 'The 568' is half-brother of 'Di Caprio' winner:
1st  Quievrain 1.928 Birds
1st  Quievrain 1.580 Birds
1st Quievrain 1.278 Birds
3rd Quievrain 1.267 Birds
3rd Quievrain 658 Birds

Mr. JACKPOT” Is sire of “LISA” Mother to 7th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance of Holland N.P.O. 2013.

3rd N.P.O. Salbris 3.470 Birds

8th Haasrode 12.149 Birds

SUPREME JACKPOT” Is brother to VIVIAN” 15th Ace Pigeon One day long distance AFD.08

Grandfather is Belg-03-6192777 'Jackpot' Leo Heremans. Now at Eijerkamps loft.
Father of 'Di Caprio. "
He comes from the Belg-01-6455003. “Olympiad 003” The 2nd  Ace Pigeon speed Old Birds KBDB 2002. Gust Jansen/ Leo Heremans.
Olympiad pigeon Lievin 2003.
X Belg-00-6440232. 'Blue Kampioentje' Of Jan Diels. Mother of 'De Jan' 1st National Ace Pigeon speed.

Grandmother is Belg-02-6114467. 'Blauwke' From Looy-Dens. Mother of 328/04:
3rd  Noyon  2.622 Birds
7th  Noyon  1.100 Birds
9th  Noyon  1.118 Birds
won 17 prizes in 2004 which 10 per 10.
She comes from the Belg-96-6491716. 'Blue Ash' From Looy-Dens winner of
1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Lier Belgium. A very influential pigeon in the loft of Leo Heremans. Descendants off 716” have won many races especially in the loft of Hans Eijerkamp Holland “DION” a top racer and breeder.
X Belg-98-6552662. From Voets directly.

Dam of SUPREME JACKPOT” Is Belg-07-6399461 A direct Maurice Hasendonckx. Her bloodline is from Marina V.D. Velde and the GOOD YARLING” Winner of 6 x 1st for Maurice Hasendonckx.

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